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Bullet Points:

This travel neck pillow is designed to cradle your head in all directions – leaning left, right, or forward – thanks to its ergonomic Smart Head Holders - but as with any travel pillow, your personal experience may vary.

Ventilation Keeps You Cool: Tired of foam travel pillows that leave you hot & sweaty? Your Palmate airplane pillow provides a built-in vent + clever cut-out design for constant cooling airflow.

Headphones Friendly: Notice those deep arc-shaped indents on both sides of this premium plane pillow? They'll accommodate most headphones, so you can relax & enjoy your music.

Won't Push You Forward: Unlike most travel neck pillows, this one has a flattened back that rests easily against the plane's seat back. Never nudges your head forward – no more sudden, rude awakenings.

Bonus Bag for Easy Carrying: Simply fold up this travel pillow neck cushion, stuff it into your cinchable carry bag (included) & attach to your luggage handle. (Also comes with lint roller & earplugs.)