The Secret

Notice those contoured holders on the sides of your Palmate travel pillow? They're specially made to cradle your head exactly the same way your hands would. Result: supreme comfort & true support, no matter which way you lean.

Supports You in Comfort

With two front holders designed to mimic the cradle formed when you put your chin in your hands, this travel neck pillow could be the key to getting better sleep on your next flight. 

Ventilation Keeps You Cool

Tired of memory foam neck pillow that leave you hot & sweaty? Your Palmate airplane pillow provides a built-in vent + clever cut-out design for constant cooling airflow.

Headphones Friendly

Notice those deep arc-shaped indents on both sides of this premium plane pillow? They'll accommodate even the bulkiest earphones, so you can relax & enjoy your music.

Flattened Back

Unlike most travel neck pillows, this one has a flattened back that rests easily against the plane's seat back. 

Carry Bag for Easy Carrying

Simply fold up this travel neck pillow, stuff it into your carry bag (included) & attach to your luggage handle.

Adjustable Front Strap

Plush adjustable front strap with secure, custom-fit closure.

Skin-soothing stretch-cotton cover

Simply zip it off to wash in the washing machine.